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Ogliastra, a sardinian district, ancient land laying down as a Mother Goddess between Gennargentu mountains and white sands of Tyrrhenian Sea, has a thousand-year old history rich in culture and traditions. Its land is full of vineyards and olive groves producing excellent wine and oil, among which Cannonau  stands out.  On the high ground of Barisardo land, in Gebelias area, are located the vineyards of  Tenute Gebelias. The area of these vineyards has been occupied since Neolithic period and thereafter by the bronze population, ancient Nuragic people. Good evidence of this is that a few hundred meters away are located the “Domus de janas”, also called “The fairies’ houses”, tombs of the Neolithic period.  Not far from vineyards are placed the ruins of a nuragic village and of the “Giants tombs”, as proved by clay artifacts and parts of “bronzetti” found during the work of soil settlement.  Very important is the discovered of a small urn called “Etruscan bucchero”, evidence of the trade relationship between populations living in the opposite coasts of Tyrrhenian Sea.


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