Tenute Gebelias farm boasts a very important history; It was born in the early years of the last century from the love, passion and work on the fields.


A work that is result of the experience of several generations, of important teaching and attachment to the ground, and do continues to this day.


Gebelias company is proud to be producing four excellent quality Wines and a great Grappa


Battaglie Line:


The Karam, a selection of Cannonau grapes picked up from the hills close to Gebelias upland, in Barisardo area. A wine with fresh mixted herbs aromas from Mediterranean scrub.

The Amistral, a selection of Vermentino grapes picked up in Sardinia.  A wine with both flowers and fresh fruit soft aromas.

The Riak, a selection of Cannonau rosé grapes DOC made by the vineyard planted in Gebelias area. A wine where both cherry and flowers notes are suddenly manifested.



"Gebel" Line:


The Gebel, symbol of the winery, our blend. All grapes come from the vineyard located on the hills close to Barisardo upland. A wine that shows itself with an intense and lasting bouquet with vanilla and cinnamon aromas, and with a strong memory of Mediterranean scrub. Softness and elegance are the typical characters of this wine. From Cannonau grape marc of this wine arises Gebel’s spirit grappa, with an elegant and sensual bouquet and strong, spicy, balsamic notes which are characteristic of that variety.



The Vineyard

Tenute Gebelias vineyard are located close to Barisardo upland at an altitude of 250 meters with an exposure from south to southwest, so that the sun is guaranteed during the year and the constant sea’s wind gives the grapes unique qualities. It’ also very important the medium extured soil eroded from granite named “trocco”, which guarantees the quality of taste, aroma and organoleptic properties of our Vermentino and Cannonau wines.

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