Sardinian Vermentino D.O.C.


Through the millenniums, in Sardinia, pirates have always arrived from the sea, so, every time the mistral blew in the Ogliastra coast, from the coastal towers sounded a cry: “Is morus, is morus (moors, moors)”. And, like magic, on the strategic points of arrival, the sea was full of multi-coloured Saracen boats. But today the mistral, or Amistral in Arabian, brings us from the sea some of those scents, typical of our Vermentino, which, together with those of the medicinal herbs surrounding the vineyards in Gebelias, blend in a unique sensation offering a wine that reminds our…


Vine variety: selection of Vermentino grapes from Sardinian territory: the grapes are harvested and kept in cases during the cooler hours of the day.

Qualification: Sardinian Vermentino D.O.C.

Vinification: grapes are previously worked with the technique of cold maceration in order to save all the varietal aromas, it follows a careful fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.

Aspect: the wine is bright straw yellow with shades of greenish.

Smell: delicate flowers and fresh fruits scents; an elegant mineral completes the general harmony.

Taste: its taste is full, soft and with excellent acidity; long and clean end, it closes with a nice slightly bitter aftertaste. Alcoholic degree: 13% vol.

Conservation: stainless steel.

Serving temperature: It is recommended to to taste it at a temperature of 8/10 degrees.







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