Red Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T.


“Gebel” Red Isola dei Nuraghi from Gebelias, in the namesake granite highland which glances at east toward the sea, the vineyards that give life to this superb wine obtained from autochthon grapes lay: around them a wild and still uncontaminated nature characterized by the Mediterranean scrubland. For centuries, this highlandhas been inhabited and farmed by men: there, vases and jugs have been found, probably used to pour and sell the wine that had been produced for centuries in this highland, which the Arabian used to call “Gebel”.


Qualification:Red Isola dei Nuraghi I.G.T.

Vinification: at a controlled temperature with soft fulling and delestage. Maceration takes about 15/20 days, in order to obtain an ideal anthocyanins extraction and save the polyphenols through soft pressing of marc.

Aspect: deep ruby red with shades of garnet.

Smell: its bouquet has an intense and persistent scent, with traces of vanilla, cinnamon and a spicy end, reminding clearly the Mediterranean scrubland; a still young fruit balances the harmony of this wine.

Taste: the tasting balance can count on good tannin and decent acid nerve, properly balanced by a powerful alcoholic degree typical of the Mediterranean wines. Softness and delicacy characterize the general structure of this wine.

Alcoholic degree: 14% vol.

Refinement: in 225 liters oak barrique for about a year, in bottle for at least 6 months.

Serving temperature: It is recommended to to taste it at a temperature of 14/16 degrees.

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