Sardinian Rosè Cannonau D.O.C.


The company vineyards farmed inGebeliashighland are naturally protected from the hard lashing of mistral and tramontane; only ostro and sirocco, which arrive from the sea, are allowed to blow gently through the lines to favour the blooming;Cannonau, a variety farmed for centuries in Sardinia, is then able to produce at its best, giving us “Riak”, emblem of Sardina, which in Arabian means wind and that from the wind it seems to acquire its soul.


Vine variety: selection of Cannonau grapes, coming from the company vineyards farmed in the gentle highland of Gebeliasin the area around Bari Sardo.

Qualification: Sardinian rosé Cannonau D.O.C.

Vinification: the young must, obtained from the whole bunch, put in a gentle press, is left in contact with the peel for about 6/8 hours at a temperature of -10 degrees, then the fermentation at low temperature begins.

Aspect: deep cherry red with shades of pale pink.

Smell: the nose can immediately sense the rose floral and cherry fruity notes typical of the varietal.

Taste: a considerable young freshness and proper balance characterize the wine, the floral and fruity notes appear again to complete the sensations smelled before.

Alcoholic degree: 13% vol.

Conservation: stainless steel.

Serving temperature: it is recommended to taste it at a temperature of 10/12 degrees.

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